About Us



    My son, dog and I were homeless for 11 months. I was 18 when I moved out my moms house after discovering my son was being abused... We had no where to go which resulted in staying in hotels and sometimes my car. I was searching for reliable income that allowed me to bring my son with me.

    I tried Uber Eats, Shipt, babysitting, and remote jobs. Thanks to some savings and donations, I saved enough for an apartment. We moved in with no plan or stable income. One day, after being forced to quit my babysitting job because my son was hurt by one of the children in my care, I decided to bake cookies to cheer us up.

    In that moment, Baked for Baby K was born. I was inspired to combine my love for cooking, vegan food, and my son, Khevon. Through this journey I have found a path to fulfilling my dream of entrepreneurship, and supporting us, while keeping him safe. Every order is made with love, from my home to yours.